Electronics in the Kitchen: Trendy and Desirable, or Too Much?

From on June 13, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

internet fridgeThe kitchen now carries equal importance to the family room for congregating and interacting with friends and family. Along with innovative appliances, captivating cabinetry, and beautiful countertopping have come the intertwining of electronics: namely TVs, Internet access, sound systems, and even video games. Are these items necessary in the kitchen, or has our constant need for electronics spun out of control?

The main purpose of the kitchen has always been food preparation. With so many spectacular styles and designs for kitchens, they’ve become a popular hive of activity. Why not visit, entertain, and catch-up with each other while preparing food and eating?

There are pros and cons to having electronic devices in the kitchen.

  • The pros are that you can watch your favorite shows while doing monotonous tasks, pay a few bills while waiting for the meal to finish cooking, listen to music as you work, or keep your children occupied under your watchful eye.
  • The cons are that we live in constant distraction, and if the kitchen has become a key gathering and entertaining venue, all of the noise may just be too much. After all, do you really need the TV on while you’re cooking?

If you love the peace and solitude of cooking, you probably don’t need all of the gadgets. If, like many families, you just don’t have the time to sit down in a family room anymore, maybe it’s better to have everything in one quick stop. As discussed in this article in Furniture Fashion, you can either resist or give in.

Remember, you can always turn up the entertainment factor in the family room with a home theater upgrade. Then, after dinner and conversation with the family, you can head on down the hall for movie night. Whatever you decide, the beginning of a remodel is the time to run the necessary wiring, so be sure your contractor includes that in the estimate.

photo credit: bornrich.org