EcoCraft Kitchen Cabinetry - Beautiful and Pollutant-Free

From on May 27, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

ecocraft kitchen cabinetsKitchen cabinetry is one of those industries that turns out awesome-looking cabinetry and other products, but often hides cutthroat corporations, environmental havoc-wreakers, and health-threatening dangers. But there are a few companies that are different. One is called EcoCraft Cabinetry.

One of the distinguishing features of EcoCraft is not just environmental stewardship. Many companies claim that mantra. EcoCraft is taking it a step further by using local lumber (from FSC-certified forests), safe manufacturing policies (formaldehyde-free, low-VOC content), and emphasizing the local market. What’s more, EcoCraft is making products that are safe for human beings.

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EcoCraft’s website contains interesting “green facts” about pollution and interior safety. It states that the World Health Organization has reported that air pollution inside homes kills far more people than air pollution outdoors. In fact, indoor air pollution kills 14 times as many people! That should put into perspective the way we respond and react to pollution concerns. It should cause us to take a serious look at the products we buy! Are they safe?

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Formaldehyde is one compound that is definitely not safe. It is as scary as it sounds. The potent formula is a toxic organic compound found in many products. The International Agency for Cancer Research declares formaldehyde to be a “known human carcinogen”—a cancer-causing agent. The real concern lies in this chilling reality: formaldehyde is a common ingredient in wood binders and cabinetry construction. The stuff is everywhere inside your home. Unless, of course, you use EcoCraft cabinetry. EcoCraft’s commitment to formaldehyde-free construction has earned them acclaim among those who know the harmful effects of formaldehyde and take care to avoid it.

Another safety-conscious contribution of EcoCraft is their resolution not to use VOC-emitting finishes. VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds.” These compounds are usually included in wood finishes like paints, lacquer, and wood stain. The potent odor of these solutions is often VOC fumes, which produce harmful reactions in humans. EcoCraft uses non-VOC products, usually water-based, in order to overcome this difficulty.

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Recognizing a company that cares about your health is like finding a good friend who is looking out for you. EcoCraft is that friend. With EcoCraft products, it’s not just about getting great cabinets; it’s about getting safe cabinets.