Dinnerware to Whip You into Shape

From on May 28, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Living in a society that constantly frets over weight loss, weight gain, and everything in between, I’d be surprised if the Wheel of Nutrition Plates by Rui Pereira and Hafsteinn Juliusson didn’t sell like hotcakes. They’re just another reminder that simple solutions shouldn’t be discounted too quickly. wheel nutrition plates Remember the food pyramid your health teacher preached religiously about in school? The Wheel of Nutrition Plates use the same color coding system to call attention to portion sizes and the proper ratio among various foods. wheel nutrition plates design With serial dieters and appetites of all shapes and sizes looking for individualized help, three different plates were created: Super Size, Extra Ordinary and The Diet. On the back of each plate is a percentage breakdown of the different food groups that should be consumed come meal time. Now instead of waiting for a scolding from your scale, your dishes can call you out on your bad eating habits mid-bite. And that type of accountability is quite refreshing.