Design-Savvy Kitchen Remodeling On the Rise

From on December 18, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


We’ve noticed a huge trend among homeowners lately—that design-savvy kitchen remodeling is on the rise. Whether they’re taking to the web for self-taught strategy, or consulting with budget-smart designers and kitchen contractors before construction begins, homeowners are increasingly involved in the design process.

We see several reasons for the trend. First, it’s probably not new news to you that kitchens rank as one of the best remodeling investments possible. Particularly when energy-efficient appliances are installed, kitchen remodeling can save you hundreds of dollars annually on rebates, energy costs and water bills. Homeowners hope to lock in those savings for years to come.

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In addition, more homeowners are choosing to renovate their own space rather than pack up and move. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then this is an important room to get right with good kitchen design. And the key to savvy remodeling is knowing when to put in work yourself, and when to call in the pros. In fact, balancing labor reduces costs considerably.

Some of the trends that we have seen—and loved—include these three design styles:

1. The Do-It-Yourselfer


Though the kitchen houses many technical elements, homeowners are taking a more hands-on approach to kitchen remodeling. Many kitchens combine star-quality appliances with IKEA materials such as steel cutting tables and kitchen cabinets. This personalized, eclectic approach can help those on a budget really save money.

Take note, though, that the most successful kitchen remodels, no matter how hands-on, still usually include a contractor along the way to insure proper installation, as well as securing government rebates on qualifying appliances.

2. The Pro Kitchen


As many people focus on real and local food, and eating at home more than eating out, kitchens have improved in their professional quality. Some homeowners are going outside of the usual professional sphere of kitchen contractors, and are looking to professional chefs for advice.

A pro chef can look at a small kitchen and help you determine what you really do—and don’t need—in the space, and how to create a master kitchen layout. You can also get great advice on top-notch materials, like stainless steel countertops, that can turn what was once an average space into your own chef’s world.

3. The Hybrid Kitchen


There’s a third style of kitchen remodelers emerging, and that is one who looks through thousands of kitchen pictures on the web and magazines. Does their research on materials and appliances. Knows the layout and countertop they want. Once they’ve mapped out everything with a designer-style competency, then looks to a contractor for professional execution.

What we love about these trends is that each provides a different way of going about kitchen remodeling, and each can work for a very limited budget to one with the sky as the limit. That’s some cool kitchen renovating.

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