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From on February 28, 2007 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen designOur culture is in transition…from tired old kitchens to gleaming new ones. The evidence is all around us. A Time Magazine poll reveals that given the opportunity, more than 85% of respondents would remodel their kitchen. Remodeling Magazine asserts that a “new kitchen will do more to sell a house quickly and at your price than any other major improvement.” CalFinder’s recent survey indicates that boosting the home’s value and remodels that retain their freshness in ten years are major issues for homeowners considering kitchen remodeling.

But is the installation of expensive hardware, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances necessarily the best way to go? It depends. If you plan to put your house on the market within the next few years, addressing your kitchen’s aesthetics with these trendy features is certainly one way to go. In the San Francisco area, kitchen remodeling with updated finishes and appliances usually more than recoups its cost in the home’s increased resale value.

What about installing more sophisticated appliances – such as a 90% efficient induction cooktop, an oven that cooks food 15 times faster or one that refrigerates food until it’s time to cook it? Or, a second dishwasher for fine crystal and china? These innovative concepts are expensive and don’t necessarily increase a home’s resale value unless the prospective buyer is seeking these specific advanced features. Beyond upgrading to premium branded major appliances, features like warming drawers, double ovens, dual-zoned wine coolers are all sought-after choices.

A popular way to update a kitchen is to open it up to combine with larger spaces such as the dining room, family room or great room, possibly utilizing integrated design to conceal appliances behind beautiful cabinetry, perhaps even incorporating features of universal design to accommodate a disabled cook while improving traffic patterns and flow.

For a young family starting out or retired couple ready to downsize, the optimal recipe for a cutting-edge kitchen design combines the latest in visual appeal, technology and ergonomics in carefully considered proportions to best suit the household’s objectives and lifestyle.

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