Cultural Home Products by imm Living

From on December 31, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

How cute are these kitchen items by imm Living? I love the designs, as well as the unity of spirit they embody.

Hot Plates by Amrita Takhar

According to imm Living, “There is a growing disconnect between what we eat, where our food comes from and how it is prepared.” The hot plate design is a reminder of the soul benefits of home-cooked meals.

“Off the Air” TV Dinner Plates By Willie Tsang

In a similar vein, the off-air test pattern on these colorful dishes “encourages diners to turn off the TV and pay closer attention to the pleasures of eating.”

Totem Cups by Rob Southcott

Totems symbolize family or clan relationships and the importance of ancestry.

Hold Me Tight Bowls by Gracia + Selena

These lovely gold-leafed bowls are a nod to tradition and custom. Japanese table manners call for holding a rice bowl in one hand and scooping the rice with chopsticks in the other. If your bowl is filled with soup and no spoon is presented, cup the bowl to sip.

Praying Hands Salt & Pepper Shakers by Douglas Brown

These beautiful hands are a gentle reminder to be thankful for your bounty. Amen.