Coolest Cooktop Showdown: Our Top 5 for the Kitchen

From on May 17, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

It’s not all about function. It’s not all about style. And it’s not all about cost. Cooktops have a lot on their plate and they need to perform, look good and do it all at a price that seems worth it. So which cooktops do it best? Here are a few that topped our list.

#1 - Viking Professional Series Built-In Rangetop @ $1,949

cool cooktop built-in range

Right off the bat, Viking claims that their Professional Series Built-In Rangetop is the only 36-inch countertop stove with six burners. Bragging rights go to its noticeable good looks, high-powered burners, and for the family, smart child-safety features. Viking has become one of the top names in the industry for high quality.

#2 - Dacor 5-Burner Preference Gas Cooktop @ $1,659

cool cooktop dacor gas

This beauty comes in black, silver and white to make kitchen color choices easy – as easy as the clean-up around its sealed burners and spill basin. Cooking features include continuous grates to accommodate oversized pots for lobster night and SimmerSear™ Burners that offer precise simmering and searing. Check it out here.

#3 – Gaggenau Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop @ $2,600

cool cooktop gaggenau stainless steelGaggenau is notably professional looking, sporting two-ring brass burners, polished stainless top and aluminum (or stainless) control panel. German-made, it holds the same reputation as their cars for high performance with a sleek portfolio. The restaurant-grade cooktop includes three flame rings for a wok burner, along with fast ignition and safety features when lighting.

#4 – Smeg’s Piano Design Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop @ $1,029

cool cooktop smeg piano

Looking like several spaceships have landed, Italian architect Renzo Piano’s design is retro enough for trendy kitchens and functional enough for the rest of us. Designed to fit a smaller space with unique, up-to-the-minute style, this 28-inch cooktop features sealed burners (plus one “ultra rapid” burner), safety valves, and auto-electronic ignition.

#5 – GE Profile 36” Gas Cooktop @ $1,349

cool cooktop ge gas rangeGE Profile 36” Gas Cooktop runs right alongside other GE cooktops that made top-rated lists for gas cooking. Although it’s not an industrial brand like Viking and Gaggenau, the cooktop still features sought-after capabilities like control locks and accurate burner settings.

Honorable Mention: Maytag 36” 5-Burner Gas Cooktop @ $499

cool cooktop maytag

For shoppers who want quality with a lower price tag, Maytag 36” 5-Burner Gas Cooktop ranks high for its performance. With most of the features available on high-end models, Maytag’s cooktop offers exact simmering and quick boiling, sealed burners and easy clean-up in four basic colors: black, white, silver and cream.