Convection Ovens: Practical or a Passing Fad?

From on May 08, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

Convection OvenHome cooking is rapidly taking on a whole new dimension with all of the technologically advanced fixtures and appliances being developed. Convection ovens are one such product. They have been around for several years, but have just recently grown in popularity and widespread use. When you go out to shop for appliances, is it worth your money to purchase an oven that includes a convection unit? Are they something beneficial that will add something exceptional to your kitchen, or just a passing fad that you’ll rarely use?

Convection cooking works by circulating the heat within the oven with a fan. Quickly moving the hot air around the food allows the oven to work more efficiently at a lower temperature. Commercial and professional chefs prefer convection cooking because of its thorough nature. Depending on the model, convection cooking can produce the same results at a temperature 50º lower than a conventional oven. The air circulation blends the air and removes any drafty areas, allowing the food to cook more evenly. Cooking time can be reduced by up to 25%. Additionally, because of the even distribution of heat, you can place food on all racks and cook several dishes at the same time.

Convection ovens are priced pretty competitively with conventional ranges, beginning around $1000. Prices vary greatly between manufacturers, and deals can be found by shopping sales. It is fairly common for convection ovens to come with the ability to function as a standard range as well.

One of the largest reasons for increased interest in convection cooking is energy efficiency. More and more homeowners are choosing to at least have the option of convection cooking. Apart from not being quite as deep as conventional ovens and occasionally costing more, there really aren’t any drawbacks to convectional ovens. Discuss your options with your kitchen contractor, and start enjoying your new appliances as soon as possible.