Contemporary Kitchen Faucets Not to Be Overlooked

From on June 20, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

thg faucetAlthough it may seem like a small detail in comparison to the kitchen remodel as a whole, selecting the right faucet for your new sink is an important step. There are multiple styles, qualities, and finishes to choose from, and it definitely isn’t an area that you should cut corners in. Some of the modern, contemporary designs are highlighted below.

  • The Lefroy Brooks is a contemporary two-handled monoblock whose sleek design will add a modern twist to any kitchen.
  • This compact unit from Water, Inc. is sophisticated and simple, and costs about $399.
  • This elegant waterfall design manufactured by THG Paris is a higher-end model that will complement a more expensive kitchen. The Atlantide costs approximately $1,000.

These are just three examples of the incredible selection of contemporary faucets. Some other quality brands include Delta, Grohe, American Standard, and Kohler.

The finish of the faucet contributes to the contemporary look as well. Stainless steel, satin, brushed nickel, copper, and antique brass are all popular and contemporary finishes.

All too often after selecting the more expensive elements of the kitchen such as the cabinetry, countertops, and appliances, the smaller items such as the faucet get overlooked. It is quite common to spend the majority of your budget on the bigger items, and then find yourself short when it comes to shopping for the sink and faucet. Even if you are forced to settle for a less expensive model, be sure not to sacrifice the quality. Look for a manufacturer that includes a warranty to protect yourself. Request free estimates from professional plumbing contractors in your area to install your new faucet.

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