Propane: An Upgrade for the Kitchen?

From on November 24, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel


Gas and electric have dominated kitchen appliances for many years. Most people have a very definite idea of what they prefer. Some base their choice on efficiency and cost, others just prefer one over the other. When recently remodeling my kitchen, I opted for electric just because I have small children, and I’m more familiar with cooking with electric. These days, however, consumers are forced to base their decision more on affordability. Electric has always been expensive and gas has risen dramatically recently. This leaves us to take a closer look at propane.

So how does propane compare to gas and electric? Some prefer propane because it still works, even with a power outage. This can be very advantageous in some areas of the country. Propane has many of the same perks as natural gas, such as more efficient heat than electric, quicker heating times, and more even cooking. Price wise, it sometimes is less expensive than gas; although this depends on where you live. Here is a calculator for determining how it compares for you in your area.

Propane appliances can be a bit harder to find than gas or electric, although many of the normal distributers can special order them for you. Here is one distributer that carries a large line of propane appliances.

Basically, the decision comes down to the monthly operating cost. Do a little homework; call your local gas, electric, and propane company to determine the current rates. Talk with your plumbing contractor and HVAC installer to price systems for your area.