Brilliant Seattle Kitchen Renovation

From on October 07, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


A kitchen renovation done right can be a glorious thing. In fact, a proper kitchen remodel can get you over 100 percent of a return on your investment. This is phenomenal. But many of us balk at the idea of spending the initial money, and go for smaller and less substantial improvements instead.

Such was the case with Doug and Barbara Herrington, who had done a simple renovation on a previous home. They realized, after living in their previous home for eight years, that they should have “just bitten the bullet” and renovated the way they really dreamed about. Well. They learned their lesson, and turned the kitchen in their 1907 Seattle home into a breathtaking marvel.

Barbara began this time researching architects and contractors. (Not a bad idea—you can compare pricing and check out professionals in your area by clicking here). After hearing great things about JAS Design Build, she knew they’d understand her vision. She wanted to modernize the house and maximize its qualities while preserving the period details and charm.


This can be a tall order, but JAS Design Build was up to the challenge. They widened doorways, moved walls, and added built-ins to achieve just what the Herringtons wanted. The basement door was also removed, and, after Doug’s suggestion, a mudroom addition on the landing below was added. This allowed the Herrington’s three children to come inside from that Seattle wet, drop off muddy shoes and their school books, and leave the rest of the house neat and clean.

Such a beautiful and useful kitchen remodel—revolution!—was vital, considering the Herringtons’ family culture around mealtimes. Barbara explained, “We eat dinner here every night together, often breakfast and lunch, too. The kids do their homework here, we do everything here.” The family computer is even housed a few yards away in the family room, beside a new gas fireplace. Barbara says, “The kids come down, turn it on, and wake up around it.”


The beautiful renovations didn’t stop with the kitchen and surrounding area, by the way. Upstairs, two bedrooms remain as they were before. The remainder of the floor was reconfigured to create a children’s play area near the laundry room and master bedroom.

The door was removed at the bottom of the third floor stairs, and the Herrington’s daughter now enjoys a private room tucked under the eaves, a space that in the 1940s was occupied by boarders. There is even a cozy third-floor space for her grandmother across the hall, near the third-floor bathroom.

While the building couldn’t see these changes and retain complete historical accuracy, Kim Clements of JAS Design Build notes that the Herrington’s goal of updating and renovating while keeping the old home’s period integrity was accomplish. And, as you will see from the pictures, with stunning sophistication.

Via Seattle Times