Breaking Down Kitchen Remodeling Costs

From on February 23, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel


With a project as significant as a kitchen remodel, it’s important to have a plan in place before you start, especially if you’re inhabiting the home while the remodel is taking place. It’s crucial to have a viable outline for the project, including timelines and costs. Otherwise you’ll be even more affected by the chaos and disruption in your kitchen while the remodel is going on. When you have a good plan in place, you’ll feel more in control of the situation.

Since kitchens are so central to a smoothly functioning home, this is a project in which you’ll want to be involved – at least as far as overall management is concerned. Whether this means that you are personally managing the project, or maintaining close communication with the contractor you’ve hired to execute the remodel: stay on top of things!

One aspect of this undertaking is managing the project budget and having a schedule outlining costs. Even though you have probably allocated a lump sum prior to beginning the project, those monies will be spent in phases. Good planning means that you’ll know:

  • What each phase of the project will entail
  • What materials are required for each phase, and what those materials cost
  • When materials for each phase need to be ordered, delivered, and paid for
  • What the labor costs will be for each phase
  • When the various contractors and/or workers need to be paid
  • When each phase will be in progress
  • When each phase will be completed

Breaking down remodeling costs according to this simple outline will give you clarity and help you maintain reasonable expectations of expenditures for your cash flow purposes. Even with this outline, though, you’ll want to keep a portion of your budget available for surprises and off-schedule expenditures – anyone who has ever remodeled anything can tell you that these surprises and off-schedule expenditures are bound to occur.

As with most everything else, there are some useful resources on the Internet to help you organize and structure your cost outlays for remodeling your kitchen. Exploring these will give you some ideas, and undoubtedly point out some costs you haven’t thought about:

  • Old House Restoration has practical advice on how much money for a kitchen remodel is recommended, based on your home’s value and your plans for staying or selling. You’ll also find lists of materials and associated costs.
  • My Huckleberry gets down the nitty-gritty in an article by kitchen pro Aaron Munk. Here you’ll find useful info about contractors and contracts, zoning and permit issues, and how mid-stream surprises, delays, and changes can affect your budget.
  • Super Kitchens helps you get organized with simple advice for both the do-it-yourselfer and for those hiring a contractor. You can link to other pages on the site for estimating costs and creating checklists.

CalFinder is an excellent source for kitchen remodeling information and contractors in your area who are eager to work with you in providing free estimates for your project.

Remodeled kitchen by Philip Going, Inc.