Big List of Kitchen Remodel No-No’s

From on October 26, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Uh oh, Big No No’s

Nothing is written in stone here, but these are some levelheaded suggestions of things not to do during a kitchen remodel, simply because they make the project more costly, more difficult or heck, because it’s just a really BAD idea.

Don’t end up with a kitchen that looks like this

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

…when you had this one in mind!


  • Begin before you plan.
  • Gut when you could modify the space.
  • Get stuck in the old layout; think outside the existing design and walls
  • Underestimate the cost, time and frustration of this project… aaaahhhh!
  • Disregard the work triangle (the access of the sink, refrigerator and stove from one another) or you’ll be running in circles.
  • Do it yourself when you should hire a pro.
  • Choose dark in small kitchens.
  • Diverge from your home’s style so that the kitchen is a misfit.

Cool-Headed CalFinder Advice

  1. Kitchen Remodel Mistakes CabinetsNever go trendy on a whim when you’re usually traditional and practical.
  2. If an island doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit - no matter how much you want it there.
  3. Never make a kitchen decision unless you’re positively excited about it.
  4. Be careful not to over-improve and out-price your home’s resale value.
  5. Try not to install permanent cabinet Kitchen Remodel Mistakes Storageshelves. Adjustable shelving instead gives you space for tall cereal boxes.
  6. Think about function. Don’t buy cabinets on looks alone.
  7. Don’t block cabinet doors and drawers from opening with appliance handles, tight corners and other obstructions.
  8. Add pot drawers if your new oven has a warming drawer for rolls instead of a space for pots and pans
  9. Don’t forget to plan for venting the stove.
  10. Never relocate the stove unless you plan for the hassle of rewiring and rerunning gas lines.
  11. Guard against senseless indulgence (i.e. buying a professional grade stove when you go out so much that waiters know you by name).
  12. Don’t place the dishwasher too far away from sink – think Kitchen Remodel Sink Mistakesabout plumbing and practicality.
  13. You shouldn’t move the kitchen sink unless you want to go to the trouble to also re-plumb.
  14. Buy the sink before the faucet, and count those holes to assure a match.
  15. Don’t scrimp on outlets and lighting. Quality matters.
  16. Upgrade to durable flooring, not the variety that buckles with the first splash of water.

Photo Credits: farm3, Decor Design, & Trendir