Beyond-Amazing Kitchen Backsplash Mosaics

From on December 16, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Not your grandma’s kitchen backsplash!

Just when you think all you need is a nice, clean kitchen with lots of storage space, you come across a certain design detail – one that is unbelievably shiny and will most likely transform your whole idea of what a kitchen can be.

Take a look at this selection of mosaic tiles and patterns, some Asian-inspired, some dreamed up from nature herself, but all beautiful.

Toyo Kitchens

amazing backsplash toyo kitchenBay by Toyo Kitchens

Neoglass “Satin” tiny mosaic cubes have all the prismatic glamour of a Hollywood gown.

amazing backsplash dining room

This coal-black splash looks like dried lava and makes for a smoking hot kitchen.


amazing backsplash evitayonni

Light and dark, feminine and masculine – the balance of the Yin-Yang kitchen (and a couple hundred thousand to balance right out of your checkbook).

Crossville Kitchens

amazing backsplash crossville kitchen

With tile colors like Moonbeam, Clear Sky and Aqua Gleam, it’s no wonder you can see the clouds roll by and the surf rush in with Glass Blox-blend mosaics.

amazing backsplash echo glassRecycled Echo Glass looks great installed vertically. Crossville’s extensive color palette is an artist’s dream.

amazing backsplash modern myth

This Modern Mythology split mosaic with braid border is an exploration into mosaic detail.

amazing backsplash textured tile

Look closely and you’ll see a circular pattern in this sleek stainless-steel textured backsplash, one of nine in the series. A very clean, modern, high-contrast look.


amazing backsplash ultraglas

This “Impasto” backsplash by UltraGlas has been finished with a custom-specified shade of metallic yellow. Very cool.

amazing backsplash ultraglas

According to the website, “This stovetop backsplash is a combination of two standard UltraGlas textures — “UltraSea” (at top) and “UltraSwirl.” A standard opaque color was specified and permanently fired into the body of the glass itself.” What I love about this company is the freedom with texture, color, fabrication and hardware.

Trend Group

amazing backsplash trend

This gold backsplash by the Trend Group is just the right amount of shimmery. I don’t think I’d ever tire of it.

Ceramica Viva

amazing backsplash ceramica

Stark-white kitchens can be a little depressing, but this lively backsplash saves an otherwise sterile minimalist room from possibly causing bodily harm to itself. The Coloured Flowers line by Cerviva is both fresh and energetic.

amazing backsplash ceramica viva

And last but not least, these tiny, metallic mosaic tiles are simply incredible. The reflections play off each other in the most attractive way. It’s flashy but not over-the-top.