Learning from Food Network Kitchens

From on June 30, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen rackIf you are planning a kitchen remodel, I’m sure you’ve been deeply engrossed in design magazines, kitchen blogs, and galleries for quite some time. Have you taken a closer look at the kitchens on your favorite cooking shows? Look closely, and you’ll notice that the kitchen is designed to reflect the modern styles and trends of kitchen design. These three cooking shows are popular, and the accompanying kitchens are actually quite trendy.

  • Quick-fix Meals with Robin Miller. This kitchen is sleek and functional, designed around quick meal preparation. Notice the compact, stainless steel double oven insert and the separate gas cooktop in the island. Simple cabinetry, with butcherblock countertop on the island and a light stone on the rest. Notice the country sink adorned with a waterfall faucet below a beautiful round window. It is all arranged to give you the feeling that Robin is cooking from her own home and is your best friend. It is warm, welcoming, and you find yourself wishing you could join her.
  • 30-Minute Meals with Rachel Ray is a completely different style all-together. A southwestern theme, notice the retro appliances, the natural cabinetry, and the old-fashioned green tile backsplash encompassing much of the wall. A contemporary twist is added with the yellow countertopping combined with more traditional butcherblock.
  • Everyday Italian. This country kitchen is open, clean, bright, and cheery. Notice the white cabinetry, along with the cabinet panels on the front of the refrigerator and dishwasher. In contrast to the white are black appliances. White granite tops the cabinetry. A unique feature to this kitchen is the sinks. Notice the one beneath the window in addition to the one in the island workstation.

Look a little deeper and you’ll be surprised how many ideas you’ll encounter that you may have otherwise overlooked. Request free estimates from licensed kitchen contractors in your area to create you own dream kitchen.