Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Furniture & Artwork

From on November 25, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Why is it that when you’re looking for the perfect table, say, for years, it only shows up after you’ve said, “I guess that’ll work,” and settled for something less than spectacular?

reclaimed furniture octopus table

I live by the ocean and eschew anything beach-themed or nautical – shells, ships and all that redundant crap that is doing perfectly fine outside my windows. Yet, this octopus-themed table almost seems to laugh at that redundancy and would look totally fresh in a beach house determined to be a year-round home.

reclaimed furniture alligator bench

But perhaps your situation is different from mine… the Oficinaethos collection offers an array of unique wood furniture, such as this bench, which to me looks like an alligator in repose. It’s elegant, but the texture gives it a decidedly modern look. You wouldn’t think it came from reclaimed wood.

reclaimed furniture brazilian stools

These brightly colored spliced-wood stools by the Brazilian designers are magnificent!

reclaimed furniture mosaic

And check out this mosaic made from various sorts of wood tiles!

reclaimed furniture coffee table

Is it me, or does Oficinaethos completely banish your decorating doldrums, too? If only money were no object, I’d buy a house in the woods and import a truckload of their creations. But that would be redundant.