And the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Is…

From on November 16, 2007 in Kitchen Remodel

Most Popular Kitchen CountertopsWhen it comes to kitchen countertops, the verdict stands that nothing quite compares to natural stone. Fit for the earliest European palaces and ancient Egyptian pyramids, this time-tested building block will stand up well in any style kitchen to convey richness, texture, and elegance. Once installed, it is durable and easy to maintain.

All of these are good reasons why Christopher Kiefer of Chris Kiefer Construction has two jobs in progress incorporating marble and other stone types in his clients’ kitchens. Kiefer says he sees a lot of stone going these days and believes he knows the reasons why.

“I think durability is a factor. It also comes in so many different flavors, so there’s something to please anyone. It’s expensive, but it’s a lifetime product, and that counts for a lot.”

The fact that Kiefer chose stone in his own home also counts for something. “I like stone an awful lot. I just put marble in the bathroom. I’m about to remodel my kitchen and we are undecided about which type, but we are definitely going to go with stone.”

Our readers agree with the choice of marble. Antonio, one of our subscribers, recently commented,

“I love my marble counter top and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Marble however, isn’t the only option. While marble is associated with luxury and comes in a medley of colors accented by a characteristic veining quality, other natural stone selections, such as limestone, slate, or flagstone, each have their own distinguishing attributes. Slate has a rustic appearance, is water resistant, and comes in gorgeous, rich colors. Granite, the hardest and densest stone, is highly resistant to staining and scratching.

In fact, Jim Pawloski of Goldcrest Homes, Inc. says granite is currently the most popular countertop of choice among his clientele. Among its attributes, says Pawloski, are “durability and sheer beauty.” As someone who works with granite on a day to day basic, Pawloski should know!

If you can’t afford natural stone, agglomerates are a good alternative. They are manufactured stone products made from natural stone chips suspended in cement, epoxy, or polyester bindings. Terrazzo and quartz agglomerates are popular choices.

One critical element to having beautiful, long-lasting stone countertops is proper installation. For a free kitchen estimate, contact one of CalFinder’s certified kitchen remodelers.