Accessories that Make your Kitchen Fun and Inviting

From on August 19, 2008 in CalFinder News

kitchen accessoriesWhoever said the kitchen is for work? I say the kitchen is all about fun! Even those occasions spent slaving away in the kitchen can be enjoyable when you work in a space that is neat, comfortable, and looks good to boot. There are many ways you can add to your kitchen design while still having the space you need to cook, bake, and at times, make a general mess.

Add Comfort

There’s nothing more delightful than a cozy kitchen, where all the delicious smells come together with a homey feel. One possibility – a heated floor. These floors are more established in the bathroom, but why not the kitchen as well? After all, kitchen floors aren’t typically made of carpet, making them conducive to heating. Also, cooking happens in all seasons and weather, including cold winters.

Anti-fatigue floor mats are another possiblity. These are pads that help to comfort your tired, overwhelmed feet so that you can continue on with your duties as head chef of the household.


You can add flavor by accessorizing with wall shelves, pot racks, and oddly enough, an appliance garage. This oft-unheard of concept is actually a nifty idea; it is a compartment built into your cupboards that allows for a space to hide your toaster, coffee maker, microwave oven, etc. While keeping these appliances handy and within reach, the appliance garage still allows for neatness in your kitchen.

Adding a splash of wood in your kitchen gives it that vintage warm and cozy feel. Some easy features are a wooden dish rack, wooden cutting board, wooden glass coasters, and a wooden silverware drawer. Finally, there’s a wide range of kitchen gadgets available to assist your cooking needs, from a shredder, slicer, or coffee grinder to less traditional items like food robots, fruit extenders, and entertainment centers.