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5 Ways To Design A Kitchen Backsplash With a Bang

January 19, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel

We’ve talked a lot about kitchen remodeling, and how valuable it is for your home’s beauty and sell-ability. We’ve talked about how beneficial replacing big appliances can be. And, while that is all true, we don’t want to miss... read full post →

How to Remodel a Kitchen With Children Underfoot

January 11, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling and children have many similarities. You dream, plan, hope for a beautiful outcome. And in the middle of everything, you realize that it’s even more wonderful—and insanely out of control—than you imagined.... read full post →

Design-Savvy Kitchen Remodeling On the Rise

December 18, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

We’ve noticed a huge trend among homeowners lately—that design-savvy kitchen remodeling is on the rise. Whether they’re taking to the web for self-taught strategy, or consulting with budget-smart designers and kitchen... read full post →

Small Kitchen Layouts to Inspire Your Remodel

December 09, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen seems a straightforward thing. It’s a place to cook. Entertain. You have a refrigerator, a stove. Often a dishwasher. Food comes in, food gets served. But it’s not as simple as that, of course. Especially if... read full post →

See What’s Cooking in Northern California Kitchen Remodels

November 30, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling has been hot in San Francisco—and with good reason. With one of the highest returns on investment, a kitchen remodel makes your home more sellable while adding drastic value in the meantime. Northern California... read full post →
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