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See What’s Cooking in Northern California Kitchen Remodels

November 30, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling has been hot in San Francisco—and with good reason. With one of the highest returns on investment, a kitchen remodel makes your home more sellable while adding drastic value in the meantime. Northern California... read full post →

Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Remodel

October 28, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen island may seem a basic element in a new kitchen, but the choices and details can be overwhelming. What is the need for your kitchen island? What function must it provide? How large? What materials? How much storage? What... read full post →

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel During the Holidays

October 25, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

So you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen this fall. You likely have clear reasons why you want a new kitchen, and you know that kitchens bring one of the highest returns on your investment. Not to mention that a modern... read full post →

This Seattle Remodel Features One Beautiful Kitchen

October 20, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

It’s always heartening to see a home that offers the most energy efficiency possible without requiring new construction. Such is the case with a recently remodeled, 1,822-square-foot home in West Seattle’s Gatewoods... read full post →

Brilliant Seattle Kitchen Renovation

October 07, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen renovation done right can be a glorious thing. In fact, a proper kitchen remodel can get you over 100 percent of a return on your investment. This is phenomenal. But many of us balk at the idea of spending the initial money,... read full post →
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