6 Creative Kitchens

From on June 11, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

Nothing makes me hungrier than a creative kitchen. Check out these 6 innovators.

#1 - Green Kitchen

creative kitchens greenOutdoor kitchens are cool. However, this kitchen from the Electrolux design team is even cooler than outdoor kitchens normally are. Featuring state-of-the-art cooking gear, plus a few organic plants here and there for good measure, the kitchen combines delicious curves with sustainable green design. We are particularly fond of the built-in herb garden.

creative kitchens herb garden

#2 - M.S.S. Kitchen

creative kitchens sailboat

Set sail with this nautical kitchen experience. The thing is an unmistakable boat—down to the last detail. Sails? It’s in the lighting. Deck? Smooth, spacious countertop. Fixtures? Glistening chrome. We haven’t found the anchor yet, but that’s OK. This boat still makes a nice kitchen regardless. Via Alno.

creative kitchens boat

#3 - Cubed Kitchen

creative kitchens cube

So, “kitchen” may be a bit too grandiose of a term for this bite-sized cooking experience, but it made our list for its multiuse capabilities. And also because it’s too trendy to pass up. It has all the essentials for cooking. Besides, it is a great mobile solution, since the thing is on wheels and requires only a plug to fire up. Check out Inoxpiu for more info.

creative kitchens cube cooktop

#4 - Spaceship Kitchen

creative kitchens spaceage

At first glance, you may think “NASA” or “Enterprise.” At second glance, you realize the stunning array of white, black, chrome, negative space, and creative lighting is actually a kitchen—a very space-age kitchen. For stunning central focus, the kitchen boasts an amazing island with a curvaceous base and a lot of open space. The kitchen does not lack at all for high-tech features, too—like the wall ovens, vent, and more.

creative kitchens spaceship

#5 – R2-D2 Kitchen

creative kitchens r2d2

In another shrunken-robo form of the kitchen, this outdoor device is more of a glorified grill than it is a kitchen. Or so it would seem from the size. Upon closer inspection, this circular mobile kitchen—hardly larger than your outdoor trash can—is a collection of all the necessary conveniences for adequate meal prep. It has a gas range, a tiny refrigerator, countertop space aplenty, and more. Throw another burger on the grill with the Calanc mobile kitchen.

#6 - Color Kitchen

creative kitchen colorful cabinets

Some kitchens stand out because of their size. Some stand out because of their kooky appearance. Others look like boats. This kitchen has color. But it’s more than color. It’s the eclectic revelry of happy design. Catch the carefree splash of deco atop the cabinetry, the mod sculpted fruit basket and the see-through elements subtly appearing beneath the bar.

creative kitchens colorful island

This kitchen has a creative combination of sleek lines and borderline-busy design approach—seamlessly integrated with beautiful color. Check out Lago for even more colors of the rainbow.