5 Unexpected Kitchen Countertops

From on September 30, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel


Your kitchen countertop says a lot.

Not only will your counter make a huge impact on the aesthetic effect of your new kitchen—but the right countertop will increase the value of your home, last through wear and tear, and improve your functionality in the kitchen.

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Below are some great countertops that I currently have my eye on. Sturdy, quality, long-lasting.

And each is bound to give your kitchen a timeless appeal and unique impression. Take a look:

1. Marble


A chic alternative to standard granite, marble creates elegance in both traditional and modern settings. White marble, perhaps with subtle swirls, with provide a low-contrast detailing to a lighter kitchen—a great way to keep a white kitchen from looking too clinical.

Be warned, however, if you are hard on your kitchen countertops. Marble is also softer than granite, and can scratch and stain more easily. Yet if you love and appreciate the gentle show of wear—that individualized look of use and love—then this might be the perfect choice for you.

2. Soapstone


A soft, nonporous surface, soapstone is made of real natural stone. Yes, despite its relative softness, soapstone won’t show its wear like, say, marble might. It’s incredibly resilient. This is a great aesthetic for a kitchen looking to add clean lines and grounding dark countertops, since soapstone always comes as a dark stone.

Very nearly black, this honed surface can add a great contrast to a lighter kitchen. It blends excellently for a kitchen with grays and putties throughout, especially paired with darker lighting fixtures. And soapstone is a wonderful heat insulator.

3. Wood


This is such a time-tested choice that it almost seems modern. Yes, wood has had a resurgence in popularity, with the current focus moving away from synthetic materials to whole and natural choices. A welcome renaissance for aesthetic appeal, too.

Adding wood to even just an island can infuse warmth in the kitchen. Wood countertops can be added for a rustic look, or more streamlined for a sleeker appeal. And the upkeep is simple: occasional oiling. So simple. So beautiful.

4. Concrete


No, it’s not just for your driveway. Concrete is a wonderful material to use throughout the home (floors—we love it as floors!) and the kitchen countertop is no exception. Concrete, in fact, is a growing segment of the countertop market. Be advised you should solicit quality professional help—in the hands of a skilled craftsman, you can literally get it shaped and finished however you want.

5. Recycled Glass


Giving off the appearance of a fine terrazzo, recycled glass is another great choice of countertop material. This compound is actually also concrete, but gives off a more chic and shiny finished look. The beautiful thing about glass aggregate is that, because it can be such a personalized compound, you can specify what colors you want to integrate into a design, giving you a finished product that is sturdy and incredibly personalized.

Photos via Houzz