5 Sweet Kitchen Finds Under $20

From on January 13, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

It’s no secret that kitchen clutter equals brain clutter. So if some new gadget wants in to my kitchen, it must:

  • Make my life easier
  • Multitask like a robo-wizard
  • Replace two or more items with just itself, or
  • Make the space look more attractive

And if it does all those things, obviously I’m in heaven.

Here are a few new kitchen finds under $20 that actually impress me:

#1 - Herb Keeper


smart kitchen herb keeper

Fresh herbs make a tremendous difference in the flavor and quality of your food. Crate & Barrel makes this attractive herb keeper that maintains freshness until you’re ready for cooking.

#2 - Brunswick Soup Pot


smart kitchen soup pot

This is one of those heavenly finds I mentioned earlier. The Crate & Barrel soup pot is pretty, functional and can multi-task like no other. It’s even part of a matching set. You can keep any type of dish warm in the bisque crock (soup, stew, rolls, etc.) and set it on your table with matching serving bowls and casserole dishes. Nice pottery pieces are usually much more expensive, so for around $15, the soup pot is a steal.

#3 - Bamboo Oval Placemat by Wrapables


smart kitchen bamboo placemats

OK, so this one isn’t all that functional, but it really caught my eye. Bamboo is becoming so popular and placemats are a great way to keep from having to scrub your counters and tabletops after every meal. What grabbed me, though, is how much these bamboo ovals with their orange stitches running through them remind me of footballs. These would look great around your buffet table on Super Bowl Sunday!

#4 - Stainless Steel Step-on Can 5l


smart kitchen stainless steel trash can

I have one of these Crate & Barrel Step-on Cans and I love it. You can discard your messy kitchen waste without putting your germy hands on the trash can lid. When I first got mine, I forgot about the handy pedal. With hands full of nasty raw chicken waste, I asked my son to come open the can for me. My smarty pants came over, rolled his eyes and stepped on the pedal. Oops. I’ve since learned to operate it all by myself and it really is the best trash can I’ve ever had. The only drawback is the same old stainless steel appliance complaint; you see every fingerprint and smudge. But it’s a good reminder for me that the trashcan needs to be cleaned often.

#5 – Oxo Fat Separator 32 0z.


smart kitchen fat separator

OK, so it’s not pretty - at least not once you put it to use. But just think how much fat intake you’ll be saving your family with this device. I come from a family that believes the grease holds all the flavor. I’ve since learned, though, that it also contains all the fat. Go figure. To protect my hot body, and OK, my arteries, too, maybe one of these fat separators is just the ticket.