5 Steps to Get You Cooking in Your Renovated Kitchen

From on February 24, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel


You’ve thought long and hard about working on your kitchen. Maybe you’ve even come as far as to have a specific plan in mind. You’ve priced out materials. Hired a contractor. You’re rubbing your hands together in anticipation.

But you want this kitchen remodel to make sense to your lifestyle, not just look good. And you may not like the idea that a kitchen renovation could, worst case scenario, mean limited functionality and lots of take-out for the next several weeks and even months. A hassle that is definitely worth avoiding.

Blending updated aesthetics with high and personalized functionality can be tricky. Especially with a room that requires daily use along the way.

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If you’re looking to prioritize this project, here are five hints that’ll get you cooking in your renovated kitchen in no time.

1. Work with standard dimensions

While a custom job seems appealing for the sake of making your kitchen like no other, you can do so while still working with standard measurements. This will save you time in waiting for the custom fit to get installed. It will also save you tons of money. Several materials like granite countertops, for instance, can be cut to standard sizes in the factory before it’s shipped, making installation much simpler, cheaper, and faster.

2. Get those appliances in

While details will linger til the end, you can start enjoying your renovations immediately by putting in the large appliances first. Look first to modernize the cooking surfaces, like the stove, oven and the fridge. Consider doing your sink replacement after that, to then enjoy the functionality of new materials while the details around them get completed.

3. Find a multifunctional kitchen island

Whether you are installing a built-in kitchen island or are adding a moveable one (e.g. a large steel structure to your kitchen), consider putting it in early on. You can use this as an extra work surface and even storage and eating space while the rest of the kitchen meets with upheaval and disarray during construction. For more kitchen island ideas, click here.

4. Do the DIYs yourself

It’s tempting, once you see how easy it can be to just let your kitchen contractor do everything, to leave it all to them. But you can work simultaneously and get your job done faster. While they are working with the lighting, you can spend a weekend doing the smaller projects, such as installing a steel backsplash, or screwing in those new drawer pulls.

5. Don’t overdo the details

Stay clear of details that can bog you down and complicate your kitchen and the renovation process. You’ll be spared much of this if you come to the project with a clear plan and defined aesthetics. Keep in mind also that your kitchen design should tie into the aesthetics of the rest of your home, even if your other rooms have some catching up to do.