5 Kitchen Upgrades Foodies Will Love

From on June 23, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

foodie kitchenThe term “foodies” was officially created in 1984 and refers to someone who loves studying food. Similar to a gourmet, a foodie makes a hobby out of studying, preparing, and finding the best foods. Just as the golfer needs the right clubs or the cyclist the right bike, so must the gourmet or the foodie have an adequate kitchen. Their kitchens must be up to par with their hobby; otherwise they will be hindered in the pursuit of their passion. Below are five kitchen upgrades that are perfect for the inspiring foodie.

Go Stainless. Whether used for appliances, countertopping, cabinetry or fixtures, stainless steel is very popular both in professional settings and for the avid cook. Its durable qualities, along with the anti-bacterial finish, make it a proven choice for any kitchen design.

Choose Prosumer Design. The prosumer design is pattered after the kitchen designs used by professional chefs on TV. The term prosumer is a combination of professional and consumer, creating a professional kitchen modified for the amateur chef. Prosumer design can include everything from layout to appliances to the kitchen sink.

New Cooktop and Stove. Choose from double ovens, induction cooking, Dutch ovens, and indoor grills.

Buy a Warming Drawer. This handy invention is wonderful for keeping prepared food in perfect condition until serving.

Opt for Open Counterspace. Countertop space is always necessary for preparing, displaying, and serving food. Expanding your kitchen or adding an island are both ways to add more workspace.

Foodies are fun to shop for when purchasing gifts. These five small appliances are just a handful of the many intriguing gadgets for the ideal kitchen, and are sure to satisfy any hobbyist.

If you are a “foodie” and love to spend time in your kitchen, then it’s time to upgrade to fully satisfy your demands. Request free estimates from licensed contractors in your area to begin your renovations.