5 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Projects

From on July 02, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

These quick kitchen tune-ups can be finished by the end of the holiday weekend

weekend kitchen remodeling

You want your kitchen to feel new and refreshed without doing a major overhaul? We hear you. The kitchen, which Julia Child called the heart of the home, is a place of creation and gathering—a place with many duties. Changing some of the key elements of the space can not only revolutionize its look, but streamline and simplify the way you work in it. We’re not talking about ripping out flooring and installing new appliances. We’re talking about things you can do in a weekend to renew your kitchen.

#1 – Refinish Cabinetry

weekend kitchen cabinets

When the general structure of your cabinets is good, repainting them can cost less than half the price of replacing them. This means stripping and staining or painting the surface, which creates a completely new look and can lighten an outdated kitchen. Don’t forget about swapping out the hardware—that instantly provides a new aesthetic.

#2 – Open Up Your Shelving

weekend kitchen shelving

If things are feeling too bulky and heavy, consider opening up some of your cabinetry to provide for shelving. Piles of white dishes in open shelving can make for easy access with class.

#3 – Consider Chrome

weekend kitchen chrome

If you have a blank wall and want more storage, consider chrome, which not only helps your kitchen function more professionally, but gives the space a modern, industrial vibe.

#4 – Update Your Backsplash

weekend kitchen backsplash

Unique backsplashes can make a kitchen. Brighten the room with manufactured tiles, starting at around $4 per square foot. Or lighten your kitchen with white tiles. Even a beginning DIY-er can successfully complete this project. And don’t limit yourself to considering tile. Check out our recent post on Adreas Pihlstrom’s circular graphic designs covered with glass.

#5 – Lighten Up!

weekend kitchen lighting

If you’ve ever added light to a dark corner of a room, you’ll know how the right light can revolutionize a space. Illuminate dark spots with under-counter lighting, which can be as inexpensive as $3 per bulb. Add a lamp if it makes sense, or hang a chandelier, which can be elegantly whimsical out of context.

Photos: LetsRefaceItJax, Houzz