5 Artistic and Colorful Kitchen Countertops

From on September 08, 2010 in Kitchen Remodel

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Along with numerous choices of kitchen countertop mediums comes a wide range of looks, including innovative and artistic designs. While the classic look in a kitchen (Martha Stewart, we’re looking at you) will be beautiful for years and need little aesthetic renovation, these trendy looks are hot and new and give an unexpected wow-factor to your cooking space.

#1—Crystal Swirl

artistic crystal swirl kitchen countertop This contemporary kitchen gets a punch up in color with an artistic textured countertop by ThinkGlass. With custom-designed swirls in a bold, crystallized pattern, this is one kitchen island that stands apart from the rest.

#2—Turquoise Ice

artistic turquoise ice countertop Also by ThinkGlass, this kitchen and home remodel won two Grand Aurora Awards for exceptional creativity. The kitchen island features a “Granula” texture countertop with polished edge.

#3—Chef’s Ingenuity

artistic knife slot countertop This kitchen is so beautiful. Designer-couple Fitzhugh and Lyndsay decided that rather than purchase a regular countertop, they’d create spaces for fine knives in the long wooden table that flanks their narrow cooking area. The idea is to help create a border between kitchen and living room space in their open Brooklyn apartment. I love the look.

#4—Hue and Movement

artistic mosaic tile countertop In this true artisan kitchen, Vicky Morrow has created by hand unique and colorful tiling that turns this pleasant kitchen space into an unparalleled work of hue and movement.

#5—Quaint but Modern

artistic tile countertop On a lighter, whiter side, this kitchen thrives aesthetically on texture and touches of subtle blue. The square-tiled countertops contribute both elements to the space, giving this cottagey kitchen a quaint but modern touch.