3 Unconventional Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

From on June 10, 2008 in Kitchen Remodel

kitchen designKitchens, kitchens, kitchens. Do you feel like that is all you’ve been focusing on lately? I’m sure your head is probably spinning by now with all of the different cabinet designs, appliance choices, countertops, fixtures, and flooring. The list seems endless, doesn’t it? Well, how about adding something new into the mix; check out a few unconventional ideas for your kitchen remodel.

1. Take Johnny Grey’s advice. This designer is known for his unconventional approach to designing kitchens. Among many helpful tips for properly arranging kitchens, this designer also promotes unusual ideas such as freestanding cabinets and furniture, and no sharp corners or edges. Line of site is key in Grey’s kitchen philosophy. When cooking and prepping, he believes it’s best to face an open room of friends and family, or a view or the outdoors, rather than a wall or cupboard.

2. Try experimenting with a futuristic kitchen unit. One possibility is shaped like an egg: #1 of the Top 10 Most Unusual Kitchen and Bath Products. It opens with the top half rising to the roof to become a range hood while in use, while the bottom sports a cook-top, sink, table, and small fridge. When not in use, it closes into an attractive bubble. Great for small spaces and taking modern, contemporary design to a new level.

3. How about incorporating art into your appliances? Try attaching magnetic panels of your favorite art to the front of your dishwasher or refrigerator. Want to add another twist? Try out the disco ball range hood, light combination, #7 on this list: Top 10 Most Unusual Kitchen and Bath Products. If you really want to go all out artistically, Trendir takes decorating to a whole new level with wild and contemporary all rolled into one: Two Most Unusual Modern Kitchens.

If you want your kitchen to be different from all the rest, think outside of the box and consider adding some contemporary and unconventional twists to spice it up a bit. After all, you can always change it to something more tame, so why not have a little fun with your design? Talk to a kitchen contractor about free estimates for your kitchen remodel.