3 Surprising Objects for a Great Kitchen

From on March 31, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

A successful kitchen merges functional design with beautiful aesthetics. Not only must a kitchen house many projects and people, but also accommodate social situations and, if you live on your own, keep yourself from going crazy trying to whip up an omelet with any amount of Zen. Take a look at these three suggestions from kitchen design guru Jamie Goldberg of Gold Notes. With her suggestions below, you add great functionality, sustainability and beauty to your kitchen. A tall order, but one that is definitely possible.

1. Lower Cabinet Heights = Spatial Openness

great kitchen cabinet height

Reconsider your cabinet height. As opposed to the 42-inch height that has been so popular in past kitchen cabinetry, consider a re-look at 30-inch tall cabinetry. This is a smart move in modern kitchens, allowing for great storage space while also balancing the kitchen chaos with clean space around it.

2. Think Corian for Chic Countertops

great kitchen countertops

It’s easy to immediately think of granite when considering a countertop. But why not Corian? Like quartz, this acrylic-based surface can easily be repaired, and is a nonporous and stain-resistant surface. Very user-friendly. Very chic.

3. Easy Clean-Up with Efficient Dishwashers

energy star kitchen appliances

Consider an ENERGY STAR dishwasher. Not only can you get beautifully clean dishes, you can save on the amount of electricity you use. Not to mention that you can save time by not having to rinse every inch of every dish before loading. Who wouldn’t want to save time, money, and a bit of the environment?

For more great ideas check out Jamie’s full list of underrated kitchen products or leave your own suggestions in the comments below!