Ugly 1970s Kitchen Gets Amazing Makeover

From on January 20, 2011 in Kitchen Remodel

sf kitchen remodelsf kitchen before remodelThe Longs kitchen before transformation

When Charles and Jane Long moved from Reno to California a little over two years ago, they rented first in Berkeley but were ultimately looking for a house with open spaces. And they found it. They were immediately drawn to this home‘s 2,500 square feet, the open, vast windows and iconoclastic idiosyncrasies.

sf octagonal room remodel

That last word was an understatement. Reflecting the former owner’s nautical interest, the house had many nautical details, indulging a hatch you had to climb through and several dark hallways. Not to mention problematic additions, rotting decks, and strange entrances.

sf kitchen remodel windows

And so the Longs got to work stripping the house down to its frame, trying to keep as much as possible while opening up the fantastic views of the San Francisco Bay. Many of the rooms had simply been closed off from the view.

sf home kitchen remodel

Eight-foot tall sliding doors provide more open passages between the rooms, and is one the many details that gives what was once a major period piece—hailing from the 1970s when themed houses were de rigueur—a modern, minimalist design.

Repetition in materials and structure throughout the space reinforces this minimalism and, while the Longs probably won’t be repeating this process, per se, the repetition of beautiful materials and vast views won’t get old for a minute.

sf kitchen remodel beforeThe octagonal living room before remodeling

The large central fireplace was torn down and a compression ring was inserted, allowing for an oculus.