15 Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

From on October 26, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Who could imagine that cabinetry might come in every color of the rainbow? Creative color combinations are delightful as well as inspiring. Here’s to bright and cheery cook spaces! Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#1 - Painted with the color and finish of a red sports car, these metal cabinets offer a sleek appearance alongside stainless steel appliances. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#2 - Wake up to piping hot coffee and these sunshine yellow cabinets, and you’re bound to have a bright day! Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#3 - This cook spot radiates a rather sultry glow with deep reds and dramatic lighting. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#4 - Made from eco-friendly wheat board, these cabinets are green in more ways than one. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#5 - Just right for sunflowers. Powder-blue cabinets complemented by a checkerboard wall pattern give this kitchen an inviting cottage look. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#6 - Chopping block countertops atop orange cabinets soften the color and warm the room. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#7 - Indigo cabinetry is for the cook who serves wine, makes their own Crème Brule and seasons with thyme and rosemary. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#8 - Leave behind the uneventful day and tiresome drive home when you walk into this zealous purple cook space. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#9 - This splash of color was created with lots of masking tape, one weekend’s time and a toss up as to whether the cabinet makeover required more paint or patience. The end result is psychedelic and psycho-bright! Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#10 - It’s not all about the cabinets. This Nova Scotia kitchen is colorful from top to bottom. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#11 - Light turquoise cabinets are accented with red chair cushions for a cool contrast in color. Photo credit: RetroRenovation Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#12 - Neat as a pin and bright as a penny, blue cabinets are trendy these days. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#13 - Take a deep breath and sit back to unwind in the distinction and boldness of this gray space. An area for cooking can be strikingly colorful without bright paint. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#14 - Brighten white cabinets with a green island and some fun decorations. And don’t forget the checkerboard floor. Bright Kitchen Cabinet Remodel#15 - Refreshing as mint, this homeowner wanted the cabinets to match their toaster - and they’re right on.