12 Hot Kitchen Tips

From on February 28, 2007 in Kitchen Remodel


  • Move beyond the traditional kitchen work triangle of sink, refrigerator and stove by incorporating the microwave, wall oven and perhaps a separate freezer into your plan. Make sure that each of these is located no greater than 9 feet or no less than 4 feet apart for maximum convenience.
  • Reduce clutter by placing your coffee maker or espresso machine into an empty wall space and store small appliances into rotating custom cabinetry with a convenient docking station.
  • Consolidate kitchen contents into a walk-in pantry and consider adding a mudroom, butler’s pantry, recycling bins, and menu-planning or homework area with computer.
  • Add a second oven, dishwasher and vegetable sink to your kitchen design.
  • Incorporate an island with cooktop or sink that faces the living area for interaction with family and guests that is designed to hide clutter from view. Consider adding customized storage into the island.
  • Add skylights, if possible, along with mood lighting for a warm, welcoming ambiance.
  • Enlarge or add windows where possible to capture views and natural light.
  • Consider adding an area dedicated to children or grandchildren with a mini refrigerator for healthy snacks and drinks and a lowered sink for hand-washing.
  • Create a display area to add unique personality to your kitchen design.
  • Define areas with architectural devices like niches, different ceiling heights and styles, columns, half-walls, and three-quarter height bookcases.
  • Don’t be afraid of utilizing color in paint, tile or even incorporating specially-tinted stainless steel in shades of pink, gold, bronze or copper.
  • Set trends instead of slavishly following them by utilizing finishes for flooring, cabinets, and countertops that you don’t see everywhere.

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