10 Cool Kitchen Herb Gardens

From on December 24, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

Soups, chili and other wintry meals are worth the little extra effort it takes to set up and maintain an indoor garden. Here are 10 cool gardening systems that could work for your kitchen and your taste buds.

#1 – Flow

Flow is a “living kitchen” with a place to cook, clean, store and grow your own food. Water from the hanging vertical dish rack drips onto the herb garden underneath, saving just one more resource on its way down.

#2 - Low Grow Eco Grow Box

What a name. The Low Grow Eco Grow Box is an appliance that stands alongside your fridge and stove to grow the food that each appliance stores and cooks. The box is built to handle evaporation and ventilation, giving plants the light they deserve. Its growing chamber maintains a consistent temperature for your herbs to grow healthy and oh so tastily.

#3 - Window Farms

Window Farms are vertical-hanging, low-energy and high-producing window gardens. Created with recycled plastic bottles and a watering system in place, they are planted hydroponically (in water) with nutrient solution instead of soil. Herbs away!

#4 - AeroGarden

About the size of a bread box, the AeroGarden is ready to grow when you plug it in. No dirt, no weeding and it only requires about 10 minutes, not including harvesting time, of work for you per month. The computerized “Smart Garden” system automatically turns the lights on and off, provides a perfect amount of oxygen and reminds you when to add water and nutrient tablets for all your herbal needs.

#5 - LED Kitchen Garden

Waiting on you, the LED Kitchen Garden grows up to 72 plants at a time. The LED bulb over your herb garden will eco-grow your plants using 70 percent less energy than if grown by traditional lighting.

#6 - Culinary Herb Garden

The Culinary Herb Garden from DiscoverThis.com is a simple dome system that requires only four easy steps: plant, water, cover and sit in the sun (not just your plants but you, too, since you’ll be living the sweet life).

#7 - Mini Garden Stacker

The stackable, self-watering garden holds up to nine plants and it’s easy enough to transfer outside on those sunny days.

#8 - Herbs in a Jar

On Chandlers Grove Farm, even if the sprouts are kept in the dark, the gardeners are not. They grow a variety of jar sprouts, like mung bean, alfalfa, radish, adzuki bean, lentils and clover. All you need is seeds, wide mouth jars, screen lids, a place to drain the jar and a towel to cover it. In three to five days, you should be crunching away on healthy snacks.

#9 - DIY and Grow

Racks and other DIY projects may be higher maintenance, but it’s worth it during winter to have an indoor garden. The bottom picture is from a Kindergarten classroom.

#10 - The Old-Fashioned Way

Like in the good old days, there’s a tried and true way to grow basil, chives and parsley. Plant them in a wooden box, sit them on a sunny window sill and water as often as needed.

Other Photo Credits: CleanAirGardening & HortiCulture