10 Concept Kitchens to Blow Your Mind

From on December 10, 2009 in Kitchen Remodel

They say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, my friend, you have been warned! This collection of killer concept kitchens are so piping hot, you’ll have to wear oven mitts to keep reading. From modern kitchens that make your lovely abode look like a primitive swamp hole to downright bizarre designs that’ll make you wonder what’s in those brownies, anyway, these 10 concept kitchens are sure to blow your mind. So let’s get cookin’! concept kitchen bubbleconcept kitchen bubble#1 - The Sheer Bubble is a hand- and custom-made glowing wonder-orb of a kitchen. Measuring in at only five feet in diameter, this space-saving unit includes a double sink, cook top with four infrared burners and a pull-out table made from steel and aluminum. concept kitchen#2 - You might need a helmet if you want to take this sleek little number out for a test drive. A modernist take on retro style, this kitchen shines like a new fire truck. The exposed chrome piping, rails and hardware tell you to hang on - doesn’t stop for red lights. concept kitchen porscheconcept kitchen porsche faucetconcept kitchen porsche cabinets#3 - The Poggenpohl Company is famous for its modern kitchen designs, but when they collaborated with the elite car company, Porsche, on their Porsche Design P 7340 modern kitchen collection, they came up with the 911 GT3 of kitchens. Along with the modern aluminum cabinetry and cool, black glass and granite countertops, the kitchen also includes an optional audio/video system with multimedia modules that bring images and sound to the glass surfaces. So put the top down, crank up the tunes and take this kitchen out for a spin on the Autobahn. concept kitchen armageddon#4 - For the discriminating conspiracy wing nut on your Christmas list, may we suggest “The Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection” from Altera Design Studios. This kitchen was designed to “ration food and water in case of a global shortage of clean water, food, material resources and habitable areas in the future.” It makes the perfect addition to any fashionable fallout shelter and will ensure you’re not stuck outside with the other survivors grilling contaminated gopher on a stick over a campfire. concept kitchen second nature#5 – Wow! London-based Dufour Designs and Second Nature Kitchens came up with this modern beauty featuring mahogany cabinets and floors accented by stainless steel fixtures and simple, elegant lines. The bottle-colored glass on the shelving and range hood create a space that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. concept kitchen artistic islandconcept kitchen artistic cabinetsconcept kitchen artistic#6 - The sleek, semi-circular kitchen island is the highlight of this contemporary design from Artistic Kitchen Designs of Brooklyn, New York. Another cool feature of the “Maxima” line is the handle-free cabinetry, which create the impression of a smooth wall rather than the busy doors and handles of typical cabinet varieties. concept kitchen private islandconcept kitchen island#7 – Can’t afford your own private island? The next best thing is your own private kitchen island from the innovative folks at Ernestomeda. The standalone design includes dual sinks, cook top, overhead lighting, serving bar and drawers accented by stainless steel and durable Corian countertops. concept kitchen minimalist#8 - Stripped to its barest essentials without sacrificing style, this monochromatic minimalist creation from Italian kitchen design company Valcucine isn’t just black and white - it’s green. The lightweight aluminum is designed to last for years but can eventually be recycled. This year, the company took the green idea one step further by replacing “stainless steel and wood with glass, while maintaining the idea that you (and your kids, and maybe even your grandkids) won’t have to buy another kitchen. Ever.” concept kitchen space# 9 - The Jetsons’ robot maid, Rosie, would be right at home in this space-age kitchen from Smaidero USA. Highly advanced automotive engineering technology was utilized in the materials, including lightweight sandwiched aluminum, which can be easily shaped and weighs 40 percent less than conventional single-plate aluminum. I hear Rosie makes the best aluminum sandwiches in Orbit City. concept kitchen jackson#10 - Winner of CearserStone’s National Dream Kitchen Design Contest, this remodeled home in san diego by Jackson Design and Remodeling kitchen features dark mahogany cabinets, vivid textured metallic tiles, and of course, organic white countertops from CeaserStone. The unique fixtures and hardware, especially the faucet and abstract range hood, take this kitchen to a whole new level of coolness.