10 Assorted Websites for Kitchen Countertops

From on November 09, 2007 in Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are long-time favorites in soapstone, granite, and marble, up-and-coming newbies in engineered stone and recycled material, and exceptions to the rule in glass and steel. Here are this week’s favorites in kitchen countertops, selected for their eclectic offerings that demonstrate just how many choices you have for that upcoming kitchen remodel.

  1. EcoTop Surfaces offer durable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective countertops made from bamboo fiber and recycled wood fiber.
  2. Paper-based countertops by Richlite are made from environmentally sustainable resources and exude a soft and comfortable ambiance.
  3. Think Glass Countertops blend function with art.
  4. CJ Design Kitchen Countertops create custom stainless steel, copper, and zinc countertops.
  5. Countertops made from soapstone withstand high heat and repair more easily than marble or granite.
  6. IceStone countertops are made with 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix. They are stronger than marble and reduce the amount of glass in the waste stream.
  7. Squak Mountain Stone produces countertops that resemble soapstone but are instead made from recycled materials. They consist of fibrous cement.
  8. Absolute Concrete Works transform countertops into concrete works of art.
  9. For countertops made with one of nature’s hardest materials, quartz, look to CaesarStone.
  10. Granite Creations have offered one of the most popular choices for natural stone countertops – granite – for 10 years.