Super-Efficient House Shrinks Energy Bills by 80%

From on May 27, 2011 in Energy Efficiency


Mike Legge just picked up the keys to one of the most energy-efficient homes in the world.

With a yearly energy savings of 80%, the home does everything you never thought a home could do. It heats and cools itself when it knows it should. It uses 36 built-in sensors to adjust air flow, humidity, temperature and heated flooring to maintain optimal comfort.

It even comes with an An iDus Controls water system to channel greywater from the laundry, shower, kitchen and bath to the toilet bowl for flushing. That system alone reduces water bills by over 40%. But despite the technology and inherent green features, the home is surprisingly affordable.

“It’s an investment,” Legge told BC Local News. “My thinking was, if we have the ability to do this and it isn’t that much more expensive, if at all, then why wouldn’t we do it and save money in the long run?”

Designers at B. Gallant Homes, who built the house and learned a lot about passive solar in the process, marvel that the home cost about $154 per square foot (not including the basement), versus $130 to $140 for typical new home construction.

For homeowners that can’t afford to build from scratch, however, energy upgrades are available in many forms. New, high-efficiency HVAC systems can cut your energy costs by 35% or more. Replacement windows save an average of 25-30% as well.

To check rates for energy-saving improvements in your area, click here.

With less than one-fifth the usual energy costs, this home is a shining example of sustainability and cost-effective design. And in a world with ever-inflating utility bills, it’s wise to assess your home’s efficiency and improve wherever possible.

Photo via BC Local News