Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency: The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

From on December 07, 2009 in Energy Efficiency

MEEAAs you read this, millions of vehicles are commuting across American roads. Businesses are running high-tech machinery, thousands of computers and millions of lights. Residences are filled with more and more consumer electronics. This is the engine of America—operating nonstop every day. But have you ever stopped to think about where the energy is coming from to power this vast network of homes, businesses, vehicles and factories? The answer is that the Midwest relies far too heavily upon imported energy—coal shipped across the country and oil imported from across the ocean. As these carbon-based resources are being exhausted, cost increases. Billions of dollars are being wasted. And time is running out. Does something need to be done?

Some people think so, and they’re doing something about it. Enter the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Who Are They?

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) has been a forerunner in the drive for energy efficiency. Since its incorporation in 2000, MEEA has organized efficiency programs, such as compact fluorescent lighting promotions, refrigerator recycling and rebates, ENERGY STAR-qualified air conditioner rebates, building operator training, and has engaged states in the Midwest to leverage to develop policies to promote energy efficiency and leverage new funding sources.

What Are They Doing Now?

MEEA ConferenceThe next red-letter date on the MEEA calendar is January 13-15, 2010, when MEEA is hosting the 2010 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. This conference is a highlight of the year for leaders from power generation companies, utility corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, manufacturing companies, academic institutions and consulting firms. Past conferences have proven invaluable sources of networking on energy efficiency issues, forming the beginning of key partnerships.

The 2010 conference is titled, “Opportunity Now!” and addresses several key issues: launching efficiency, implementing efficiency and valuing efficiency. Sought-after speakers in the energy discussion will address the current state of the government’s energy efficiency policy debate, cover the future of green building and investigate ways that business, consumers and the nation will be able to immediately reduce waste and expenditure right now.

MEEA’s influence continues to grow, and with the convergence of key issues in economy and government, 2010 promises to be an even bigger year. This conference will be a prime opportunity for getting ahead in the pursuit of greater energy efficiency.

About MEEA

MEEA is a “collaborative network advancing energy efficiency in the Midwest to support sustainable economic development and environmental preservation.”

The informal collaborations of MEEA’s early years have cemented into strong allegiances. MEEA’s board of directors is comprised of efficiency experts from prestigious and influential corporations and agencies. As MEEA’s scope and geographical footprint have grown, now covering 13 states, their influence has grown as well. While saving millions of consumer dollars, MEEA is also decreasing dependency on foreign and domestic fossil fuel sources, thus contributing to the energy independence and economic strength of the Midwest and the nation.