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4 Tricks to Slim Your Heating Bill This Winter

November 13, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

Winter is quickly approaching—and so are those rising heating bills. While it’s nearly impossible to quit central heat (especially in frigidly cold states), you may be interested to know that you can take action and reduce your... read full post →

How Much Can You Save with a Home Energy Upgrade?

August 11, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

San Carlos resident Nadine Nakazawa took all the steps needed to make her home more energy efficient… or so she thought. Double-paned replacement windows were installed throughout her home. Then a residential solar array went up on... read full post →

Save Big This Father’s Day with a Home Energy Assessment

June 17, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

Want to get Dad something unique this Father’s Day? Something to help him live greener, save big on monthly energy bills, and add true, lasting value to his home? We have just the thing. CalFinder offers free home assessments for... read full post →

Super-Efficient House Shrinks Energy Bills by 80%

May 27, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

Mike Legge just picked up the keys to one of the most energy-efficient homes in the world. With a yearly energy savings of 80%, the home does everything you never thought a home could do. It heats and cools itself when it knows it... read full post →

PowerSaver Program Helps You Pay for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

May 04, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

Lots of homeowners are interested in energy-efficient upgrades. Trends and studies point to it again and again. But how do people afford such upgrades in an economy like ours? Banks have tightened their purse strings, and federal rebates,... read full post →
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