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Average Costs for Spring Home Upgrades

May 03, 2011 in Energy Efficiency

In case you haven’t heard, May is National Home Improvement Month! So of course, we’re celebrating home improvement like crazy over here. What that means for you is extra remodeling value, pictures and goodies. Today... read full post →

Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency: The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

December 07, 2009 in Energy Efficiency

As you read this, millions of vehicles are commuting across American roads. Businesses are running high-tech machinery, thousands of computers and millions of lights. Residences are filled with more and more consumer electronics. This is... read full post →

The Big Giant List of Energy Efficient Organizations

December 03, 2009 in Energy Efficiency

[digg-me]All across the country organizations exist all over dedicated to either making the world a better place or just helping to keep the world we live in spinning around just the way we need it to. In the interest of the latter so... read full post →

Window Glazing and Energy Efficiency

April 03, 2008 in Energy Efficiency

In a utopian world, we would turn on our heaters once a year at the onset of winter, warm up our homes, and put the heater to rest for the remainder of the year. If only our homes could be perfectly energy efficient. Alas, we’re not... read full post →
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