4 Tricks to Slim Your Heating Bill This Winter

From on November 13, 2011 in Energy Efficiency


Winter is quickly approaching—and so are those rising heating bills. While it’s nearly impossible to quit central heat (especially in frigidly cold states), you may be interested to know that you can take action and reduce your heating bill by as much as 30% this winter.

How? Read on to find out.

#1 - Check and clean your heating system

It’s important to make sure that your heat pump or other system is actually working efficiently. Before the cold weather hits each year, check your heating and air conditioning system to make sure that the filters are replaced, it’s free of dust and grime, and that your heat is coming out most efficiently. If your heating unit is more than a decade old, you can be sure that you are losing a large part of your efficiency, and should consider replacing the unit altogether. This is a great investment, since it can raise the value of your home while cutting your bills in the meantime, and you may even qualify for rebates on furnace installations.

To get pricing on a heating system upgrade, click here.


#2 - Reseal or replace your windows

Leaky or inefficient windows are a huge problem for homeowners. Where the leaks may seems almost undetectable to you, you are actually leaking a huge amount of energy (and money!) out of each window (as much as 25% of your energy costs each month). You can talk to a contractor in your area about what it would cost to get your windows resealed and touched up. Click here to get pricing on window replacement in your area.

Or, browse through CalFinder’s database of local contractors who can give you a free initial estimate. If you’ve toyed with the idea of replacing your windows in the near future, now may be the time to get some of those old babies replaced so you don’t leak out warm air—and money.


#3 - Go with green roofing

Green roofing can add beauty to your home’s exterior as well as make the best of your energy. Green roofing actually makes your home more energy-efficient, and can save you the pains of high energy bills. A good green roof helps provide a better barrier against the elements, and offers an intense amount of natural insulation. Not to mention that it is dependable in bad weather and looks great. Consider your climate when you consider what kind of green roof to go with. If you live in a very cold, snowy climate: look for resilient roofing that can hold up under snow, shield your home from the elements, and absorb heat from the sun with its darker color.

#4 - Turn the heat down when you’re away

This is a strictly functional tip. Where helping your home’s structure (good windows, good heating units) is the foremost concern, you can do simple things to help your home run well. When you are away from home on vacation, or even at work for the day, get into the habit of turning your heating down and saving on high temperatures. When you’re snuggling in for the weekend, turn it back up. And for even more help slimming your energy bills, CalFinder is here to help.

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