Why I Love French-Style Remodels

From on July 19, 2010 in Home Decor

Sometimes, finding inspiration for your remodel requires hopping over a pond or two. Come with us on a cross-Atlantic journey to France, where the homes are characterized by thoughtful simplicity, modern elegance and country-style craftsmanship. french country kitchen remodel Take this gorgeous kitchen. Country-inspired cook spaces are just more elegant with a bit of French flair. The in-kitchen dining table, hanging pots and pans and ample square footage make this room look lived-in and ready for family gatherings. french remodel bedroomA dainty chandelier, cheerful comforter and interesting freestanding mirror give this bedroom a touch of personality without being overpowering. Better yet, all the accessories seem unique and liberated from department-store blandness. french white bedroom Sometimes, beautifully crafted furniture does all the speaking in a room—as is the case in this bedroom. The square footage here might be a bit claustrophobic, but the bed frame alone is a sight to behold. french living room Perhaps what makes this space so great is the utter disregard for matching patterns. Set against a bright pink wall, the slightly gaudy chandelier and cloth mannequin give this room a special Parisian charm. french small space remodel Everything has its place in this carefully thought-out living room. What it lacks in size it makes up for in bright accents and welcoming decor. french remodel breakfast nook So what makes French style so appealing? The fact that each room exudes design perfection without following any particular rules or regulations. Carefree—yes, that’s just it.