Vintage Home Perfection by Gallivanting Girls

From on July 02, 2010 in Home Decor

If you abhor the ordinary and won’t go within a 10-mile radius of stores that mass-produce cookie-cutter style, I suggest you check out Gallivanting Girls. Offering up everything vintage from aprons to fondue sets, I especially love their decorative home accessories. Beware: this sneak peek might just have you reaching for your wallet. gallivanting girls typewriter Maybe it’s just the writer in me, but there is something so beautiful about a vintage typewriter. This 1920’s Underwood Standard Portable model is actually in perfect working condition. Surely, this could add a dose of inspiration to any project… gallivanting girls vinyl While iPods may be great for the music listener on the go, they don’t lend themselves well to wall art quite like vinyls do. The 101 Strings’ “I Love Paris” 33rpm record could conjure the perfect hint of nostalgia in any space. gallivanting girls carafe The Royal Blue Carafe from Danish Designer Ole Palsby has a color so striking I would consider putting it on display before actually utilizing it in my kitchen. So simple, yet sure to stand out. gallivanting girls cheese platter Need a conversation piece for that upcoming cocktail party? This vintage cheese plate with a 1960’s style design might just do the trick. gallivanting girls milk lamps There’s nothing I love more than decorative touches that look like they could be at home in any room. This pair of milk glass lamps could easily serve as the punctuation mark for an already completed design. gallivanting girls chowder bowls The soup Nazi might not be so crabby if he had a set of these awesome soup and chowder bowls in his kitchen collection. If these don’t make you warm and fuzzy inside, I don’t know what will. The Gallivanting Girls collection is far more extensive than this little snippet I’ve shown here. Uh oh, guess you better go check it out yourself.