Traditionally Modern? Remodeling with the Best of Both Worlds

From on June 15, 2010 in Home Decor

traditional modern dining room

Whether you’re one half of a duo trying to merge into one dwelling, or simply love elements of both traditional and contemporary design, trying to mix the two styles can be a challenge. Yes, undoubtedly expect to create an eclectic vibe, but that doesn’t have to be synonymous with “mismatched” or “college dormitory.” Some very sophisticated spaces have been created by mixing traditional with modern styles.

Here’s what you need to know.

traditional modern living room

#1 – Choose a Common Denominator

Through a bold color, theme or certain collectible that crosses style borders, choose a common denominator between the two varying styles to create continuity. With a palette of shades of grays, say, or a collection of drawings of varying vintages, a uniting element keeps things together. Plus, deciding beforehand a general idea of what to accumulate helps a place grow with deliberation over time—and the hunting is half of the fun.

traditional modern kitchen

#2 – Be a Conscious Gatekeeper

Unless you’re going for a flea market look, which can also be pulled off with sophistication, be a conscious gatekeeperof what comes into your dwelling. There are so many definitions of “traditional” and “contemporary,” so stick with what the two mean to you, or you can easily find yourself drifting in design no-man’s-land.

For instance, I love the thrown-together-yet-chic-as-all-get-out old Paris apartment look, and my husband drools over contemporary abstract art. We look for common aesthetics that exist between the two, and (sometimes tearfully) say no to things that we love but might not fit right in our space.

traditional modern bookcase

#3 – Get Inspired

Remember to have fun with the new style you’ve created. You’ve been bold to step out of a simple design pattern, and have created a more intimate and personalized space. Your home will not be as streamlined as one that has chosen one design style, so embrace the individuality and whim that comes from making something completely your own.

Photo Credit: Micasa Revista, Great Interior, Marie Claire Maison & Apartment Therapy