The Future of Home Clock Design?

From on July 29, 2010 in Home Decor

It’s time to see time in a whole new light with the QlockTwo, an innovative new product from Biegert & Funk. This beauty does away with hands and digits for a brand-new time-telling experience. Check it out. green qlock two Offering six color choices and 10 language options, the QlockTwo comes equipped with typographic font that uses words to convey the time. Seamless design allows it to hang by way of magnets, and once activated, the clock sets itself on a timer so that the characters become lighter as it gets darker. red qlock two In addition to a sleek, cutting-edge design, each clock is constructed with LED technology to cut down on power consumption. An acrylic glass front or container for the standing version makes it durable as well. purple qlock two So why not give that brain of yours a rest? Allow the QlockTwo to break it down for you—stylishly.