Sneak Peek at the Stunning New Phillips Collection

From on May 04, 2010 in Home Decor

jason phillipsAlthough he’ll tell you he’s just a normal 26-year old, native New Yorker Jason Phillips is quickly garnering acclaim as the hottest thing to hit the world of design. 2010 has already been a very busy year for Phillips, but he managed to squeeze in a few minutes to chat with me and send over a preview of his brand-new collection of creations.

Not only does Phillips play a major role in his family’s furniture company, The Phillips Collection, but he’s expanding his reputation as an influential, hip designer prodigy with his own brand, Jason Phillips Design.

“It is hard work and if I took the time to stop and consider things, I might not be able to get my engine back in gear!” he said.

I find this difficult to believe, especially since my sneak peek at his new collection revealed nearly 30 new and amazingly unique pieces.

jason phillips design table

He’s already been featured in numerous publications and awarded many prestigious honors, including the inaugural INSPIREDESIGN Design Excellence Award, the 21st Annual ARTS Awards for 2010 Product Designer of the Year, the youngest ever recipient of this prestigious award and the VERANDA Magazine’s inaugural ‘The Art of Design’ Award.

“I take all of this success with a lot of humility,” Phillips remarked. “I’m still Jason. Still just a 26-year-old with the same interests as others my age…I just happen to be extremely motivated and have been fortunate in my life to be able to extrapolate on the things that matter to me.”

Here are a few of my favorites from the 2010 Jason Phillips Design collection:

Indent Table

jason phillips indent table

This unique piece is made from lightweight but durable concrete with a distressed patina. It can go anywhere, indoors or out, and has a sphere scooped out of the flat top which can be a nest for anything you desire. It can be an ice chest for your drinks or a fruit bowl for ripe granny apples. Leave it to Jason, though, and he’d fill it with blue M&M’s.

Chunk Wall Tiles

jason phillips wall tiles

Do traditional wall coverings like paint and wallpaper leave you feeling flat? Take a look at Jason Phillips’ Chunk Wall Tiles. Made with wood or aluminum, they add dimension, texture and style to your walls.

Seat Belt Chairs

jason phillips seatbelt chairs

These zany seats might not save your life, but they certainly will take you for a ride. They come in various colors and have such a unique contour. On the one hand, they are nouveau elegant, and on the other, they’re just plain fun.