Secondhand Dressers with a Story to Tell

From on August 17, 2010 in Home Decor

I think I just fell in love…with a discarded dresser drawer. These bad boys are salvaged from the dump, repurposed into functional drawers, and sold by Entwurf-Direkt online. I’m beyond infatuated. secondhand dressers colors Blending different materials, colors and finishes, these dressers make storage the focal point of any room, not just an after-thought once a design is completed. One of the bright minds behind the idea, Per Schumann, shared some insight into why he finds these pieces so interesting: “I have always been fascinated by all things used or discarded; in particular old drawers are just ‘my thing.’ They are the mute servants that help us through our daily lives, containing all kinds of secret things or just bric-a-brac. Drawers that stand out for their attractive craftsmanship or else for their being slightly bizarre or telling us a story, reflecting life in all its facets.” secondhand dressers design Each design seems equally new and old—perfect for the young, hip urbanite as well as the storyteller with an appreciation of history. And that’s the type of juxtaposition that breathes life into your home. secondhand bedroom dresser