Quirky Doesn’t Begin to Describe it…

From on May 26, 2010 in Home Decor

quirky design rug

While some people might talk hypothetically about decreasing their environmental impact, Cesa Milton was living green before there was a bandwagon to jump on. Now her North London residence is home to an eclectic array of items that were once slated for the trash. Prepare to trip WAY out..

quirky design storagequirky design brick wall

Pulling from her background in the arts, Cesa refurbished a wide array of second-hand items and tackled several “from scratch” projects as well. Case in point: a makeshift brick wall in the hallway constructed from recycled newspaper. Maybe not the most practical accessory, but it certainly adds to the motif.

quirky design living roomquirky design paper ball

Another favorite for its stickin’ it to the man message: this ball constructed from years and years of bank slips. These are just a few of the oddities Cesa shares with the visitors of her annual home-tour-art-show, where participants are allowed to submit their own pieces (made strictly of recycled materials, of course).

quirky design office

Despite the unconventional design, special attention was paid to keeping the rooms comfortable to lounge in and at least somewhat free from unnecessary clutter.

However, there was at least one exception to this rule:

quirky design cluttered officequirky design refrigerator

With a workspace so jam-packed with supplies, it’s safe to say that more projects are in the works. Anyone need any home accessories?