Now that’s What I Call Green: Landscape as Interior Design Theme

From on March 15, 2010 in Home Decor

landscape interior design

Finding creative ways to adorn a home and set it apart from the rest can be a daunting task. Architectural design firm Morphogenesis asks the question: Why not allow the outdoors to do the decorating for you?

landscape interior design entry

Although clean, sharp lines suggest that this home is strictly modern-contemporary, a glimpse at the interior suddenly brings a whole new feel to the design. The landscape is transported indoors to create a Zen calm that only nature can give. The sitting area is also lined with rocks and rustic wood benches that help in highlighting the India-inspired design.

landscape interior gardenlandscape interior patio

The rest of the home allows for three generations of a family to live, work and play in the same space. The key here is creating each area with a purpose in mind, and finding some way to partition it off. In addition, interior walls were built to be virtually soundproof, allowing each family member their own realm of privacy.

landscape inteior outside structure

In keeping with the green design theme, a western wall was built in order to stop heat from penetrating the house and to cut down on energy costs.

landscape interior front door

With a design that promises this much serenity, living with a multitude of family members doesn’t sound quite so bad.