More from the New Jason Phillips Collection

From on May 04, 2010 in Home Decor

....And the awesomeness continues from our last post featuring up-and-coming furniture designer Jason Phillips. Check out more goodies below.

Seat Belt Chair

jason phillips seatbelt chair

Freeform Mirrors

jason phillips freeform mirrors

These looking glasses are an expression of Phillips creativity and an invitation to express yourself as well. You can arrange this collection in countless ways, but no matter the layout, it reminds me of counting rings in a tree to tell its age – only here you might want to hang the mirrors in a way that defies your age. It’s a new answer to the full-length mirror, as well as modern art.

Glossy River Stones

jason phillips glossy river table

Is it a table, a chair, a piece of art? That’s what I love about so many of Jason’s pieces – the freedom to interpret them and incorporate them into your life for your own creative purposes. His River Stones look natural indoors or out and can serve many purposes, but mainly they’re here to harmonize.

jason phillips glossy river tables

Rail Table

jason phillips rail table

The Rail Table is a little like “something old, something new” with aged and distressed-looking wooden planks joined together to form a table atop a set of sturdy, modern, oversized silver legs. There’s so much character in this piece, it’s difficult to imagine it as merely a coffee table when it’s obviously so much more.

Check out more of Jason’s work here.