Kooky “Land Peel” is a Table, Chair & Lounge Spot in One

From on April 06, 2010 in Home Decor

land peel mat

Now here’s an invention that’ll have you whispering to yourself, “Ah, now I’ve seen it all.” The Land Peel is a floor mat designed by Japanese industrial design student Shin Yamashita. While a floor mat may not seem all that exciting at first glance, hold onto your seat.

land peel table

The mat, although it can lie flat as one integrated piece, can also be taken up in sections to become an entire room’s worth of furnishings. All you have to do is pop, prop or fold up a section of the mat and you instantly have an item of utility.

land peel desk

The Land Peel mat was designed with functionality and limited space in mind. The entire product itself can easily by folded up and stored away when not in use, or just left flat on the floor. When you’re ready, you can turn this mat into anything an urban- or small-apartment-dwelling-body might need.

land peel chair

Grab the side of the mat, flip it around and you now have a table top for working on, eating at or setting your laptop upon.

land peel folding

This is a great solution for dorms, small apartments or a child’s room. And with all of that extraneous furniture out of the way, think of the room you’ll have when the mat’s not in use. There’s no word on the cost of the Land Peel or where one can be purchased, but if it’s as good as it seems, it’s sure to be readily available in no time flat.